Brown Bear

Brown Bear Hunting in Alaska with Alaska Coastal Guiding

Alaska Coastal Guiding is one of the premier brown bear hunting guide services in Southeast Alaska. Owner Mike Sofoulis has been guiding bear hunters in Southeast Alaska since 1990. We guide both spring and fall brown bear hunts.  Alaska Coastal Guiding operates under a special use permit granted by the U.S. Forest Service, in the Tongass National Forest. Our brown bear hunts are designed for the seasoned brown bear hunter and those hunting brown bears for the very first time. We conduct our brown bear hunting expeditions on board the 48 foot, twin diesel engine vessel “Sally Girl“.  Our brown bear harvest rate averages between 85% and 100% weather depending.

If you want a more laid back, casual, brown bear hunt, then spring brown bear hunting with Alaska Coastal Guiding is the hunt for you. Spring brown bear hunting in Southeast Alaska generally offers the best weather and the highest brown bear sighting counts. A typical day spent spring brown bear hunting with Alaska Coastal Guiding will be spent aboard Sally Girl, glassing the beaches and tidal flats, looking for brown bears eating the newly sprouted grass. When a trophy bear is spotted, you and your guide will head to land in one of our hunting skiffs.  As the spring progresses, it’s mating season. This is the time in Southeast Alaska when we see sows and boars together, as nature makes them gravitate towards each other. It’ll make brown bear hunting very exciting indeed. It’s also a great way for anyone curious about brown bears to learn more about them and their habits.

On the other hand, Alaska Coastal Guiding fall brown bear hunting expeditions are bush hunts, with possible close encounters with brown bears. Why? Fall in Southeast Alaska is the time of the year that brown bears can be found on streams and rivers feeding on salmon as the brown bears prepare for winter hibernation. The fall hunts are geared towards folks who crave a life of adventure. You’ll be hunting for brown bears through the thick brush and old growth forests, bordering streams full of spawning salmon. This is high octane brown bear hunting. You can come really close to a brown bear. Close brown bear encounters almost always make for a great story, and the encounter is generally a part of your top hunting memories for the rest of your life. Please keep in mind that your safety while brown bear hunting is of the utmost importance to all of us at Alaska Coastal Guiding. We just want you to know that you can come pretty close to these majestic animals during the fall hunting season.

The bottom line is Alaska Coastal Guiding wants you to have fun and enjoy your brown bear hunting experience in Southeast Alaska. We know you’ll be talking about your brown bear hunt long after you’ve come to visit us.  Give us a call to set up your brown bear hunt today. Spring hunts start in April and end in June. Fall hunts start in September and end in October.

Guided Brown Bear HUNT SCHEDULES

Hunt 1: April 23rd – May 5th
Hunt 2: May 5th – May 18th

Hunt 1: Starting Sept. 14th – Sept. 26th
Hunt 2: Starting Sept. 29th – Oct 11th
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These tours are operated under special use permit with the U.S. forest service in the Tongass National forest. this company is an equal opportunity provider.